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Handheld Display Project History:

SoftView has several ground breaking technical successes. Our success to date can be summarized as bridging the desktop Internet to handheld devices. The patent pending technology defines our products and target markets. Not only has our technology been proven through implementation. It has met no competition in the marketplace. We have a solution, to a defined problem, that makes handheld wireless Internet a reality.

The target market for our technology is a company that will directly benefit by applying our technology to their existing or targeted customers. Carriers (cell phone companies) and Wireless Equipment Manufactures are two obvious beneficiaries of the Handheld Display Project technology.

SoftView’s Handheld Display Project technology should win over other wireless handheld Internet solutions. We provide a clearly superior screen display and interface. A true bridge between desktop Internet and handheld wireless devices.

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Technology Overview

Our goal is to empower handheld Internet users.

SoftView has been developing award winning Vector Graphics Display systems and WEB standards since 1982.

The Handheld Display Project is a vector graphic micro browser for PDA and Cell Phones..

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