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About SoftView LLC.

SoftView LLC's developers have been developing Computer Aided Design (CAD) drafting systems, translation, and commercial management software since 1982. These innovative products are used by tens of thousands of CAD drafters, facility managers, and project managers for drawing creation, display, and printing of vector based drawings.

SoftView LLC takes great pride in the technical quality and functionality of its products. Underlying all of our products is a strong design philosophy: to integrate high-performance application engineering, well-designed tools, industry-standard technology, state-of-the-art user interface, and painstaking attention to detail--all to empower the SoftView user.

SoftView LLC.

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Trademarks owned by SoftView:

This is a current listing (2-2-2005) of United States trademarks owned by SoftView LLC:

This list is not a comprehensive list of all SoftView LLC trademarks.

SoftView - is a trademark of SoftView LLC

Zoom enhanced HTML is a trademark of SoftView LLC

One Tap is a trademark of SoftView LLC

Resolution Independant Display of Internet Content is a trademark of SoftView LLC

Other company trademarks:
Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft, Inc.

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Technology Overview
October 2001

Our goal is to empower handheld Internet users.

SoftSource SoftView's parent company has been developing award winning Vector Graphics Display systems and Internet standards since 1982.

SoftView includes vector graphic viewers and web browsers for PDA and Cell Phone devices.

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