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SoftView server consists of a rendering engine to lay out requested pages, a set of translators to convert pages rendered for client transmission, a communications manager to handle client-web communications and a client- and web-side caching mechanism. SoftView is designed to ensure developers can use their existing HTML tools or SoftView's custom content tools to deliver diverse web and custom content to the mobile device. Through this process, SoftView helps content providers extend their investments in technology, branding and design.

SoftView's server mitigates the mobile device's limited memory and processing power by handling the rendering, translation and conversion processes on the server. Because content rendered at the server is screen size and resolution-independent, SoftView ensures that content developed once can be displayed on multiple devices. The SoftView server also helps content providers achieve mobile delivery speeds that are substantially faster than existing offerings through the use of advanced file handling, caching, compression and IP-based multiplexing communication techniques.


TCP/IP over wireless is a real barrier to Web page (multi file) download. Its slow and very fragile. We had to overcome these limitations to make SoftView respond quicker and reliably.

We solved both the speed and reliability problems by designing and writing an enhancement to TCP/IP. Internet architects have commented that this is a major leap forward for moving files over existing and future faster 3G wireless networks. Even though this is a proprietary solution at this time, it is robust enough to become a TCP/IP standard.

Our solution to the TCP/IP problem has long term ramifications for Internet on wireless networks.

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October 2001

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Our goal is to empower handheld Internet users.

SoftView has been developing award winning Vector Graphics Display systems and Internet standards since 1982.

SoftView includes vector graphic viewers and web browsers for PDA and Cell Phone devices.

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